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Knife gate valve

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Advantage products
1. Knife gate valve
2. Sleeve valves with high apruptly, so that the gate is firmly grasped by the valve housing, due to the fact germinate of the valves is very good.
3. The sleeve is made of wear-resistant rubber, which helps extend the life of the valve.
4. Easy to use, value for rement reduced by 40%
5. There are three types: manual, electric, pneumatic
6. The sleeve valve is made of rubber wear-resistant, good sealing, no leakage
7. The sleeve valve is made of rubber Xinhai wear-resistant, orpost sostoavlyaet 86%, excellent tightness, and skip almost there.
8. High wear resistance, service life up to 2 times higher than normal valves
9. Core cutter valve is fabricated from wear-resistant rubber, thus, due to high abrasion resistance rubber(index of wear resistance of up to 128%) of its service life by 2 times more than other valves.
10. It will be very easy when you need to replace the core, the price for repair is reduced by 40%.
11. Senegacnik valve is made of wear-resistant rubber, the proportion is small, convenient to replace.
12. In addition, the valve has a hole to pour the oil, which helps reduce wear and on.-off. the moment of force, the cost of repair is reduced by 40%.
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