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Wear-resistant rubber sheet

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:Yan'tajskij zavod dlya proizvodstva rezinyi Sin'haj
Seller:Duan' Mila
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Address:Russian Federation

Product advantages


1. Wear-resistant rubber sheet

2. Less vibration, reduced noise 23 dB

3. Reduced wear

4. Wide angle shot, good adaptability

5. It is convenient to cut, wide scope

6. Unique setting


Product features

1. Reduces noise and vibration

The use of the rubber lining may reduce the level noise and vibration, to control the diffusion of dust, to create a comfortable working Wednesday.

The right picture is a comparison of the level noise Sheba smaller than 50mm falling in the gutter.. Test indicates, the use of Xinhai wear-resistant rubber 6mm thick can reduce noise on dB, this noise can be run continuously with only 8 hours use metal gutters, you can only work 2 hours.

2. The use of softness for overcoming stiffness, reduced wear

In highly abrasion-resistant rubber has a large number of long molecular chains, has a strong resistance to tearing and elasticity, effectively increases the resistance to cutting of the rubber. Compared with traditional rubber, the molecular Tsen wear-resistant rubber minimally destroyed, so it has high strength, elasticity and abrasion resistance.

As the left picture shows: not as cast stone, composite ceramics, alloy, steel, wear-resistant rubber saboya, her elasticity can absorb and expel the impact force and the friction force increases its durability.