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natamycin E

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Natamycin is effective in a variety of foods in a wide range of pH (3.5-9.5). Pasylees (or paid) 200 ~ 300mg/kg aqueous solution on the surface of the cheese, meat, meat broth, ham, pastry products, fresh juice quickly plasmapause food, and devices for the cooking. Error less than 10 mg / kg

The potential benefits

Natamycin effective antimicrobial agent. Using natamycin as a food preservative, you can:

● To improve the quality of food products, and significantly extend the shelf life food, preventing the emergence and mold

● Reduce the cost of storing the product and reduce production costs

● To replace or partially replace chemical preservatives and to satisfy consumer demand for food prepared natural ingredients

● Natamycin not changes the taste and smell products

● Natamycin has a stronger impact compared with sorbic acid

● To avoid the formation of potentially carcinogenic mycotoxins

● Cover a very wide range of activities, most species of yeast and mold sensitive to very low level of preservative (1 - 20 ppm)

● Do not act against bacteria. This makes it suitable for food, such as cheese and smoked sausage, in which bacteria play a key role in the maturation process

● Natamycin remains on the surface of the product for a long time, which usually occurs infection

● Be sure the security of your antifungal agent.