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Waxed paper BP 35-2

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:Novyie Tehnologii Modernizatsii
Seller:Panfilov Oleg Yur'evich
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Address:Ukraine, Volyns'ka Oblast', Lutsk

Used for the packaging of metal parts subject to corrosion.

Feature paper: weight 1 roll: 120 - 170 kg, paper thickness: 0.1 mm; visota: 1050mm (1.05 m).

Waxed paper BP 35-2 is made from a paper base impregnated with paraffin. Used for packing of metal to protect them from moisture, and also for filling boxes. A small price enables its use in a wide range of applications in all industries related to the processing and transportation of metal. It is forbidden to use waxed paper for packaging food products.

The structure of waxed paper: Manufactured in rolls by impregnating the base paper paraffin oil.

Waxed paper is constantly in stock!