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Hardware, fasteners, bolts and nuts

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Company:TOV KROS
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

The proposed metric fasteners in stock. The metric bolts DIN933, DIN931, furniture Bolt DIN603, Bolt with hexagon socket screws DIN912 Bolts hinged DIN444, Welded fasteners DIN32501, Nuts DIN934, lock Nut DIN985, castellated Nut DIN979, Nut DIN6923 flange, cap Nut DIN1587, Nut DIN557 square Nut DIN315 wing Nut connecting DIN6334, Nut furniture knock-in (mortise) DIN 1624, Nut welded DIN 929, and washers DIN125, flat Washer body DIN 9021, flat Washer enlarged DIN 440, Washer for roofing screws, spring Washer Grover DIN 7980, Snap ring DIN 471, Circlip DIN 472, also in the range of weld fasteners 3251 DIN and Pin threaded stud DIN975

Strength class products 5,8 8,8 10,9
Stainless steel fasteners and hardware
All goods in stock trading organizations discounts.
Possible delivery in Ukraine.