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Sunflower Euralis

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Company:Assotsiatsiya Favorit
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Address:Ukraine, Kirovohrads'ka Oblast', Kirovohrad

BLITAR - very early, suitable for any cultivation areas.

ALSAN very early with good growth energy, provides a stable harvest.

HOLSTER RM - very early differing yields and stability.

ES KARAMBA - early has a high energy growth and excellent uniformity, ensuring high productivity.

POMAR - early hybrid with strong stems that are resistant to Phomopsis and Sclerotinia.

ALISON RM - early characterized by high yield and oil content in any conditions.

ALLIUM - medium early, high yield and oil content in any conditions.

EU PETUNIA - medium early is stable and high potential.

SALSERA RM - medium, has excellent resistance to Phomopsis.

SPEAKER - early medium early hybrid, resistant to lodging.

PACIFIC new early medium early hybrid with high yield potential.

EU MAXIMES - new middle-early hybrid resistant to imidazolinones (herbicide Everlasting) with high energy growth and strong potential.

EU ARTEMIS new medium hybrid combining high yield and resistance to imidazolinones.

EU PRIMES - medium hybrid with large grain size, resistant to imidazolinones.

AITANA - early hybrid with high resistance to Broomrape.

TERRA - early high class hybrid is perfectly adapted to the conditions of continental climate.

LEILA - new early hybrid champion yields in areas susceptible to Broomrape.

EU ISABELLA - middle-early hybrid with excellent resistance to Broomrape, tolerant of her new races.

TEIDE - medium early, characterized by stable yields in fields exposed to Broomrape.

The ALMANZORA - late high class hybrid with large seeds that are resistant to Broomrape and drought.

The EU's THEN - medium early medium early hybrid resistant to Broomrape.

ARIADNE: medium late medium early hybrid resistant excellent resistance to Broomrape.