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Silicone platinum and tin silicone,molding silicone,silicone for moulds

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Molding silicone for casting forms (flexible rubber forms a Transparent, high-strength molding silicone for casting forms (flexible rubber molds for casting of polyester and epoxy resins, wax, plaster, etc. Molding silicone is used for a detailed reproduction of figurines, artistic products, etc food Has a certificate and is used for casting forms under the chocolate, marmalade, ice cream, candy. Working temperature range is from -60°C to 250°C. a two-component material (compound) comprising a base (paste) and hardener (catalyst), curing after mixing to a rubbery state at room temperature. The platinum silicone and silicone tin: 1. Platinum silicone can be called food-grade silicone,the part of him 10A:1B or 1A:1B.Component A flowable liquid silicone,and the part In overediting(catalyst) platinum.In hardness from 0-50A.These silicones environmental, odorless and nontoxic. 1).Has good elongation,tensile strength, minimal shrinkage,resistance to acid and alkali,aging resistance,longer life. 2).Used for detailed reproduction of figurines, artistic products, etc food Has a certificate and is used for casting forms under the chocolate, marmalade, ice cream, candy,cupcakes. 3).Working temperature range is from -60°C to 250°C. can be Cured at room temperature or by heating. 2. Tin silicone in the composition 100A:(2-5)B,component A flowable liquid,part b is overediting on the tin.These silicones can not be applied in the food industry,with reserve not environmental.Hardness 0-50A. 1).It is used to create forms(molds) polyurethanes, polyester resins, plaster, wax, paraffin wax, gypsum, concrete, liquid plastics, Soaps. For the production of Souvenirs sculptures, statuettes and other Handicrafts 2).Has high fluidity and low. the viscosity and easy operation,strong tensile strength,strong resistance to deformation,resistance to high temperatures, reusable duplication, resistance to acid and alkali, aging resistance, long life. 3).Operating temperature from-60°C to 250°C. the curing Temperature only at room temperature,will not be able to heat to cure,then the form will not be cured. 3. The material from which made the mold, silicone platinum-based, certified for food contact. Unlike tin silicones and platinum are characterized by high strength and mechanical properties. This mold can be used to work with polymer clay, cement, casting candles and soap, candies, chocolate, ice, test, oil etc., This silicone is flexible enough to easily extract the product, and firm enough to be easy to use with aluminise materials, such as polymer clay. Each mold is made by hand and tested for quality print. Mold is very durable and will serve You for years if you treat it carefully. It can be washed with water and a brush with detergent (if necessary). Any questions You can contact me! Contact Person:Lisa E-mail: telephone:+0086(755)89212381 M. t:+8618688266864 Skype:yanfang1989400