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Molding silicone for casting forms

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
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Seller:Yan' Liza
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow
Molding silicone for casting forms (flexible rubber forms a Transparent, high-strength molding silicone for casting forms (flexible rubber molds for casting of polyester and epoxy resins, wax, plaster, etc. Molding silicone is used for a detailed reproduction of figurines, artistic products, etc food Has a certificate and is used for casting forms under the chocolate, marmalade, ice cream, candy. Working temperature range is from -60°C to 250°C. a two-component material (compound) comprising a base (paste) and hardener (catalyst), curing after mixing to a rubbery state at room temperature. Is analogous to WACKER (Germany) and Mold Max (USA). Produce silicone(silicone rubber). Is a liquid silicone base and curing agents on the basis of tin. -Have brand for various technologies from priming to daub (different viscosity, hardness of the material) to Keep the temperature up to 300 ° C-Minimum shrinkage. -Good elongation, elasticity, strength of raster. -Highest circulation and durability in use. -The ability to control the curing time. -Has no adhesion to the formable material (no need to grease the dividing line-up). -Easy to work with the material. Website: E-mail: contact:Lisa phone:+0086(755)89212381 M. t:+8618938867526 Skype:yanfang1989400 QQ: 18938867526 ICQ:609237017