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High mountain black tea Tibetea X. O.(30 pieces 5g)Tibemed.All Ukraine

Offer type: salePublished: 15.02.2022
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

High mountain black tea TIBETEA X. O.-black tea, grown on a tea plantation in Tibet and sustained over 6 years.The velvet softness of tea can be compared with cognac twenty excerpts.The only tea that improves with age. Like brandy, he was pleasantly relaxes, soothes and at the same time clarifies the mind.
For the purpose of slimming tea fit just fine, because it cleanses the body from toxins and other harmful substances, normalizes metabolism, has a mild laxative effect, removes thirst and at the same time relieves the body of excess fluid in regular use for a couple of months you can "reset"the order of 12 kg extra
-getting rid of stress, fatigue and bad mood
-rejuvenation of external and internal
-normalization of all processes occurring in the body;
activation of mental activity;
-increase stamina, health;
-get rid of migraine;
-increase immunity;
-prevention of cancer.
Tea TIBETEA X. O. is meant to get our body to work as it should, look as they should. By the way, this is the only tea that can safely be consumed by people suffering from ulcer of the stomach or intestines. Because tea TIBETEA X. O. completely natural product, it does not have any side-effects (Allergy, etc). 30 PCs for 5g. 1pcs.designed for 5-6 times brewing!
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