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Seedlings of Apple,cherry,pear,peach,plum,apricot from the manufacturer!

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Price:30 UAH
Company:ChP Yuzhaninov V.M
Seller:Viktor Nikolaevich
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Address:Ukraine, Poltavs'ka Oblast', Karlivka

Seedlings of Apple,pear,peach,cherry,apricot,slyly,with an excellent root system, excellent quality,from the manufacturer!

Pome-30 UAH. PCs

Apple stock 54118,MM-106 medium) :
Golden delicious Rangers,Amulet,Arlette, Eliza,kids orange Red,Mutsu,Renell Semerenko,Red chief,Scythian gold,Trashy 7,Honey the Crispi,Askold,Braeburn,Count Azzo Jubilee Delbare,Elista Delist,Excel,Legal,
Ruby Czech,Mr. Toshiro Fuji,Ataco,champion Reno,Royal Gala,Glory to the Winners, and also available as

Pear (rootstock quince IP 2-10,quince Sido) :
Amphora,The Ber Krasnokutskaya,Kucherenko,The Favorite Of The KLAPP,The Caucasus,Mary Tembo.

Colocasiae-35 UAH. PCs

Peach stock apricot):

Cherry (cherry rootstock):
Legend Mlawa,Valery Chkalov,Drogana

Apricot (apricot rootstock):
Early Blush,Crimean Cupid,Peach,Masterpiece, Collective Farm.

Plum apricot rootstock):
Espresso (Hungarian),Greengage,Hungarian, Italian,
Globe (Plum).

Excellent quality plants, and a good root system, I guarantee! Are cod and prepaid Bank card. Shipping New Mail throughout Ukraine.