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The application of Cam-32

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Seller:Vitalij Vasil'evich
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The application of Cam-32. The making of ammonium nitrate. Aviation-chemical works.

Provide agrochemical services making UAN-32 (carbamide-ammonia mixture), ammonium nitrate and other bulk mineral fertilizers, controllers and growth promoters, fertilizers, plant protection chemicals and Trichogramma agreemenetAMI An-2.

Work in all regions of Ukraine, including border areas and in conditions where the state of the soil (the period of snow cover and the period of heavy autumn and early spring precipitation) does not allow ground sprayers and spreaders to enter the field and allowing nitrogen fertilization is delayed indefinitely.

Also do aviation-chemical works by desiccation of sunflower seeds, desiccation corn, desiccation soybeans and other crops.

The cost aviakosmicheskaya works depends on the type agrachinaot, scope and standards of asianetindia and ranges from 30 to 200 UAH/ha , taking into account the cost of fuel.

Additional paid the fare to the place of execution in agricultural applications, which is 2500 UAH per one flight hour.