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Fencing for gardens and flowerbeds.

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Price:420 UAH
Seller:vitalij timkov
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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Kramatorsk

Tired weeds,dryness and aplodontia soil. Not satisfied with the appearance of Your site . We present to Your attention fencing to create raised beds and flower beds. Due to the fact that the beds are made of galvanized metal, one expensive purchase You 15-20 years will ensure the accuracy and the prosperity of Your site.

Advantages our fencing:

- various colors

- good corrosion protection

- easy assemblies available to all

- light weight design,

- the presence of 6 ribs provides good durability

- the possibility to increase the garden in length and height

- easy create greenhouses garden

- metal housing allows the use of magnets for fastening film, AGROSALON etc

- the ability to insulate the foam side walls

Gradcam galvanized-gr.

Gradcam galvanized coating-gr.

Additional 2m length beds galvanized-130 with coating-180grn.

Additional 1m length beds galvanized-GM with coating - gr.

Flowerbed hexagonal d-1.2 m galvanized-160grn coated, 200 UAH.

Flowerbed hexagonal d-0.6 m galvanized - 80 coated-100UAH.

The hexagonal pyramid d sm,92cm,46cm. galvanized-420 with floor-gr.

Pyramid square 150cm,100cm,50cm. galvanized-gr coated-gr.

There is the possibility of making flower beds,flower beds and gardens in individual sizes.

The main the advantages of raised beds are as follows:

more early warming of the soil, which allows for planting before

- high ridges good drainage, which prevents acidification and drying out of the soil

- at the bottom of a tall the beds can be stacked SuperPreview pieces of twigs, wood compost and above - mix compost with the soil. So, even if you are infertile soil or close ground water, high ridge, will still allow you to collect piece of the once barren land bountiful harvest

- high ridge also convenient because the spreading leaves of vegetable plants do not fall under feet when caring for a vegetable garden. Therefore orchards with high ridges look neatly.