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Petkus Giant To 531

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:33 000 UAH
Company:Agrorezerv Ukraina
Seller:agrorezerv agrorezerv
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Calibration machine Petkus Giant To 531 Technical data
The weight flow rate: 0,63 kg/s during processing of wheat with the impurity content of 2-3%
Net power: 4.0 kW
Main dimensions: length mm 5056

width 2100mm

height 2210 mm

Speed: Motor 1450 rpm
Fan: for grain 850 rpm

for legumes 1050 rpm

Indent cylinder 32 rpm

Performance (by air) fan: For grain 1.5 m3/s
For pulses of 2.08 m3/s