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Gerotor pump Robus 200GN

Offer type: salePublished: 21.04.2017
Price:73 200 RUR
Company:OOO Robus
Seller:OOO Robus
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Address:Perm, Perm Krai, Russian Federation


Gerotor pump Robus 200GN bunker for transportation of finished concrete, polistirolbetonnyh mixtures from production enterprise "Rebus". Volume hopper gerotor pump 200,350,500 liters
We offer specially designed gerotor pump designed for pressure transportation of liquid and paste-like mixtures of different volumetric weight to a height of 40 meters and up to 150 meters horizontally. Gyratory pump and mobile installation Robus equipped gerotor pumps can to produce and transport the foam concrete, polystyrene concrete, cement / sand mixture with varying degrees of viscosity, as well as any solutions, where the fraction inert fillers does not exceed the values established technical characteristics specific gyratory pair.
Gerotor pumps, manufactured by the company "Robus" exceptional reliability and the ability to adjust gyratory pair that makes these screw pumps are preferred for use in the manufacture of building materials such as foam concrete, polystyrene concrete, etc.
This equipment is used for production of foam concrete and foam, is an integral part of the production line for foam(polystyrene) and foam blocks. The company Robus you will find only high-quality products. Gerotor pump to buy from the manufacturer is the best price and quality guarantee. When buying equipment Robus" we pass technological regulations and guarantee the support of experienced engineers, training on the production. We deliver to any city in Russia and CIS abroad .
Supply, installation and commissioning in the shortest possible time. In comparison with Asian analogues of our equipment wins in the quality and duration of life operation. We are ready to individual picking on all the client's requirements.