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Equipment for grain - Shellers, grain shop, mill

Offer type: salePublished: 07.06.2019
Seller:Alla Vasil'evna, Skype: nsp_94
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Address:Mykolayivs'ka Oblast', Mykolayiv, Ukraine
For obtaining variety of grains is not required to purchase a separate line: processing plant for the production of cereal grain, grit workshop on processing of buckwheat, Shellers for rice processing, equipment for processing of oats, installations for the processing of millet and peas in half. All this can be solved on a universal milling equipment UKR-2. The design of the new equipment is: energy saving technology, versatility, flexibility and the ability to increase the performance from the mini Shellers to cereal plant. Modular Shellers UKR-2 successfully used for processing companies, farmers and private entrepreneurs. The original method of processing and design features modular equipment allows to perform a full technological cycle (seed cleaning and calibration of raw materials, sorting fractions of finished products) for each of the 9 types of crops with minimum inputs. Versatility is achieved by using two different processing methods on welceom the unit:-1st method with metal rollers - cutting grain with a minimum of friction (sertraline, shredder grain);-2-nd method with rubber rollers - peeling grains with a maximum strictly measured by the use of friction (toy grain). Base for all variants is the main module - Shellers (option number 2, see table.), additional modules are: installation of a heat treatment, a steam generator, grinding machine, flatting unit for cereals and other delivery modular cereal line UKR-2 is determined depending on the type of recyclable materials and the performance of 300 - 3000 kg/h (Shellers, grain mill, grain mill ). And another original energy-saving nuance: when steaming buckwheat as fuel is used as the husk, and the energy consumption is 1 kW per 100 kg of processed grain. For comparison: hydrothermal processing of grain cereals similar performance, operating according to a standard technique consumes 65 kW 100 kg of processed product. Payback cereal complexes, taking into account all costs from 5 to 9 months while working in two shifts. Cereal line UKR-2 have 100% of the assembling. Certified in Russia and Ukraine. 1 year warranty. We perform warranty and post-warranty maintenance, commissioning, training of personnel, binding equipment to the customer's premises, the calculation of profitability and business plan the production of grains. Acquaintance with the principle of universal equipment and training cereal production on grain processing enterprise (cereals production line from crops) grain mill in the city of Nikolaev (area Selproekt). The documentation that came with cereal lines UKR-2, described the technology of production of cereals of all kinds of grain and legumes. Presents drawings of the equipment and its location, device, scheme of movement of raw materials and the position of the adjustable elements of croporate. The production of cereal crops on the equipment to get croup roll-type - wheat, buckwheat, barley, barley, corn, pea, oat, rice. Production of packaged cereals on the packing equipment for packing of grains in the film. The resulting products meet the Standards for cereals.