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Sales Fruit sticks with a nut, fruit and berries wiped with sugar, desserts fruit, jam fruit and berries, jams fruit and berries

Offer type: salePublished: 07.10.2010
Seller:Koltsov Vladislav
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Address:Russian Federation
Company “NEO-Fruit” with pleasure represents a new series of fruit&berry foodstuff of the domestic production made on unique technology as much as possible keeping all useful substance, microcells, vitamins and flavoring qualities of fruit and berries.
Our production contains perfect exclusively natural vegetative components and biologically active quality substances which allow to reach optimum result for a healthy food.
The assortment of our production extends constantly and supplemented with new kinds and today we are glad to offer you:
* fruit sticks with a nut
* fruit&berrys wiped with sugar
* desserts fruit with a nut
* jam fruit&berry
* jams fruit&berry
* jams fruit&berry thermostable