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Cakes to order in confectionery StudioCake

Offer type: salePublished: 24.04.2016
Company:Kompaniya "StudioCake"
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

To make a real holiday at any time very easily. We just need to bring home the cake. Immediately ordinary day becomes special and memorable. Will definitely rejoice in this surprise kids, but adults will not abandon a friend with treats. StudioCake bakery makes cakes to order for many years and enjoys great popularity among the customers. Since most cakes become the favorite treat of kids, they developed a variety of design options with familiar characters in animated cartoons and movies. But the most important is the quality of the product. For manufacturing these confectionery products use only the finest ingredients. Children perfect cakes with curd cream with exotic fruit fillings or chocolate filling.

Online candy store you can explore the options of toppings to choose my favorite, or one you haven't tried. To order a selected cake at the site, making a call or by coming into the shop. If you cannot pick up the order, it will be delivered directly to your home or wherever you wish.

Our pastry chefs can amaze not only kids but also adults. They will certainly appreciate the product, soaked with brandy, which gives the sweets a special delicate taste. We can prepare a lavishly decorated cake suitable for a wedding or anniversary celebration. Our master in accuracy will give even a photographic image. You will be able to make a real surprise, the main thing is to make the right decision. This will help you with our experts and tell about the properties of the fillings and the design of cakes.

For children's parties, receptions and other events where you plan to welcome many guests perfect cupcakes. These treats are very convenient as, allow you to try many options of flavors. You can give not one cake, but several kinds of confectionery. Cupcakes are convenient to take by paper cups and it is also important for large and noisy companies.

Specialists of the workshop of sweets StudioCake will help to hold any celebration or cosy family holiday.