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Sale of rolled metal products. Construction fittings

Offer type: salePublished: 24.04.2016
Company:Kompaniya "Strojstal'"
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Address:Russian Federation, Moscow

Dynamic changes of the construction market do not allow the producer to stand still. Modern technology advances, which leads to the emergence of new addition and existing building materials. Without the use of products of modern reinforced concrete construction is not able to do construction reinforcement greatly increases the strength of concrete. Resulting in huge popular construction fittings, as one of the main components of reinforced concrete products.

The production and sale of corrugated fittings made of black metal and metal in the construction market, the company is successfully engaged in Stroystal. To see our products please visit: Signs of division of construction fittings: profile, production technologies, and proper use. Physico – mechanical properties the strength of the fitting is divided into classes, in the manufacture of the reinforcement steel is used for the respective brands.

A major part of the factor building bars made of steel hot rolled (wire, rod, cable ). Profiles there are rounded, periodic, and smooth. Unstrained and unstrained execution functions. In accordance with the purpose of distribution, the working and mounting. The methods of installation: knit and welded. Eligibility requirements: the ductility and strength of high class, efficient welding, when the bonding to the concrete product, high rigidity, corrosion resistance.

The construction of buildings at the present time is carried out using a monolithic casting, which allows you to purchase the object of high strength, aesthetic appeal. Due to the convex surfaces of reinforcement bars in the concrete firmly locked and serves as a backbone. The widespread use of reinforcement in the construction of responsible buildings, facilities and structures to it makes a number of stringent requirements, resulting in characteristics should correspond to the high level.