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Equipment for the production of concrete pipes Ø300 mm – Ø1400 mm

Offer type: sellPublished: 15.09.2023
Price:75 000 EUR
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The machine for the production of concrete pipes Ø300 mm - Ø1400 mm. The new generation KMS 1400 concrete pipe machine produces concrete pipes with a diameter of 300mm to 1400mm according to our customers' requirements, with a length of minimum 1000mm to a maximum of 2500mm according to the Iller Bank TSE 821 specification. It is manufactured in such a way as to produce 2 or 3 units of products in one pressing cycle according to the customer's requirements. Three molds for concrete pipes Ø300 mm, two molds for concrete pipes Ø400, Ø500, Ø600 mm and one mold for other diameters can be connected at the same time. Forms and pallets with built-in gasket or hinged section gasket are manufactured according to requirements from Ø300 mm to Ø1400 mm. Provides the possibility of serial production from Ø300 mm to Ø1400 mm without a crane, produces twice as much as a system with a crane. Vibration system of the machine with a closed liquid oil circulation system. The automatic lubrication system is activated during machine operation. The vibrator uses SKF or FAG bearings that are resistant to high cycles and heat. pallets; It is produced on CNC lathes according to the dimensions and stamping method. The manufactured concrete pipes are transported to the drying area by a forklift. Our machines, manufactured in accordance with the KMS quality and trust policy, have been working without problems for many years. Specifications Control system - Manual/semi-automatic Production capacity Ø300 mm-1400 mm Vibrator motor power 30 kW 3000 rpm x 3 pcs. The power of the hydraulic motor is 30 kW, 1500 rpm Distribution cart for solution Engine power 7.5 kW 50 rpm The power of the rotation motor is 5.5 kW 55 rpm Vibrator lubrication system 0.75 kW 1500 rpm x3 pcs. Hydraulic pressure 200 bar Ladle for solution 1.5 m3 Pipe machine Height size (mm) Average product weight (kg) Ø300 2000 325 Ø400 2000 520 Ø500 2000 750 Ø600 2000 1050 Ø800 2000 1350 Ø1000 2000 2200 Ø1200 2000 3350
Ø1400 2000 4250 Production volumes Height mm Production per shift of 8 hours in one print Ø300 3 pcs. 1000/2500 350 pieces Ø400 2 pcs. 1000/2500 200 pieces Ø500 2 pcs. 1000/2500 200 pieces Ø600 2 pcs. 1000/2500 200 pieces Ø800 1 pc. 1000/2500 60 pieces Ø1000 1 pc. 1000/2500 50 pieces Ø1200 1 pc. 1000/2500 40 pieces