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Equipment for the production of concrete rings Ø800 mm – Ø1200 mm

Offer type: sellPublished: 15.09.2023
Price:75 000 EUR
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Machine for the production of concrete rings Ø800 mm – Ø1200 mm. Our concrete ring making equipment produces Ø800 rings, Ø620, Ø1000 and Ø1200 mm inspection chamber rings, Ø620/1000- Ø620/1200 mm. Top (Top conic) of the chimney. The manufactured concrete products are delivered to the ground level and transported to the site using a new generation elevator. Production system. The manufactured chimney elements are transported by forklift to the drying area. Thanks to the new generation elevator system, the production speed of products has doubled. Machine mold connections are designed to be easier and faster to change. Produced using a tubular type or centrifugal type oil vibrator. Type adjustable vibrator connected with internal mold. Our machines, manufactured as a result of the KMS quality and trust policy, operate without problems for many years. The biggest feature of KMS that creates awareness in its field is that it responds to all types of queries and provides technical support to the needs of our valued clients immediately after installation and maintains two-way relationship at all times. Production volumes       Height mm     Production per shift 8 hours per print Ø800            1 pc. 250*1000 mm 80 pieces Ring bracelet Ø620                   1 pc. 250*1000 mm 90 pieces Inspection Camera Collar Ø1000          1 pc. 250*1000 mm 70 pieces Inspection Camera Collar Ø1200        1 pc. 1000/2000 mm 60 pieces Inspection Camera Collar Ø620/1000 1 pc. 650/1000 mm 60 pieces Conical chimney top Ø620/1200 1 pc. 650/1000 mm                 60 pieces Conical chimney top Specifications Working system Manual/semi-automatic Engine power 30 kW Hydraulic pressure 120 bar Ladle for mortar 1.5 m3 Products: - Ø620/1000-1200 mm Integrated Conical chimney element - Chimney body element Ø800 - Ø620 Built-in ring - Ø1000/1200 Integrated chimney ring