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Sell restaurant food delivery in Tyumen. Profit from 540 Tr monthly.

Offer type: salePublished: 20.09.2019
Price:16 543 400 RUR
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Address:Russian Federation, Tyumenskaya Oblast', Tyumen'
Sell popular restaurant food delivery. Gained loyal customers. The range of dishes for delivery on the wave of trends: rolls, burgers, noodles wok, pizza, Shawarma. What is included in the sale: Assignment of lease rights to production and administration areas. Megadeath the lessor records the lease for 3 years. Working neat equipment for cooking. Furniture and appliances for rest and work of all employees. Proven suppliers. Advertised brand. Promoted, live Working modern website which brings more than 35% of revenue. Business brings from R. T. 540 net per month while working only 8 hours a week. You can even job not to leave, and remotely manage business. And there is still New Year, February 23, March 8 - there's just superprofits. It is planned to increase profit by supplying Lunches to corporate clients, the sale of franchises, the opening of the restaurant. The business operates as a family. Selling because have grown out of it, are now engaged in the launch of a new, larger business. And would not sell, of course. Because all the process is established and all documents with regulatory authorities have been concluded, all employees are trained, work for many years, everything works like a clock. Even remotely can be monitored and safely to make a profit. No bosses like to hire, no risk of cuts, layoffs. To themselves quietly working in good decent business. Always in demand. People want to eat always, regardless of fashion trends, weather conditions, sanctions/not sanctions, etc. Sell business only for those who want a stable business, which will give the children and grandchildren who will have to be good to my employees, to the customers who know how to manage people and listen to them. Will help new owner, all tell or show within 1-2 months, then by phone, if necessary, will consult. Although it has all the instructions on each process. And there is an instructional video where right on the screen shows you where to click the mouse and give voice to the "voice" of a folder in which to go, why to go, whom to write, etc. Everything works, just need to do everything in the instructions and on the development plan. The new owner of your business looking for a responsible, reliable, honest to convey his "baby" in good hands. All built to last, it works and brings very good profit. It is important that on all developed and worked even better and bigger. Call on all questions every day from 9.00 to 21.00, discuss/