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Chopping shredder chess, the rink,straight lined

Offer type: salePublished: 05.12.2019
Company:OOO Agrolyuks-Dnepr
Seller:Yuliya Vital'evna
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Yelyzavetivka, Ukraine

Roller chopper chopping -6 meter water-filled maintenance-free bearing unit with agricultural seal from FKL
The bearing stand with a built-silentbloc in the case of a compensation force of the blow three times. Worth the extra protection rubber ring.
Bearing unit protected against water, ultraviolet radiation, abrasive material and other factors of negative impact on the bearing.

Designed for shredding crop residues of sunflower, stubble, partial mulching of the surface soil crust and partial alignment of the plowed field.
Skating rink in nilichii. Have delivery direct to farm. Grantia+quality.