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Milling machine FSSH-1A BU wood with tenoning carriage, excellent condition, with reverse

Offer type: salePublished: 04.09.2019
Price:40 000 UAH
Seller:yurij ivanov
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

located in Kiev, directly from production , planned maintenance was carried out according to schedule .

for the record : personally the machine was assigned to the team of World champion in acrobatics Valery Lyapunov !
Woodworking milling machine FSSH-1A BU (Dnepropetrovsk plant "Stankostroitel", 1997), the performance of 10 - without the ADF, with a lower position of the spindle and tenoning carriage, location Kiev, excellent condition without any remarks attached. Designed to perform milling wood, cutting the studs using the tenoning carriage, curve milling pattern. There is a "goose" (top retainer), corner stops and eccentric clamp.

Milling machine for wood FSS-1A is mounted on a frame of cast iron Desk 1000*800mm with tenoning carriage and reliable travel system. On the table it is possible to mount the top mount of the spindle and fence cutters with a nozzle for connecting strojkompleksa.

Crucilandia heavy base guarantees the absence of vibration, even when using a heavy shaft-mounted cutters.
The spindle Assembly is equipped with quality bearings and wheels.

Specifications - milling machine for wood FSS-1A BU:

The thickness of the workpiece is not more than 100mm

The greatest width of the workpiece, mounted on tenoning carriage with the depth of the stud 100mm — 350mm

Table height above floor level 860mm

The spindle speed 3000/4500/6000/9000/min

Limit relative vertical movement of spindle is 100mm

The diameter of the neck spindle tool 32mm

The greatest diameter of the cutting tool 250mm

The maximum height of the cutting tool 110mm

Stroke tenoning carriage 950mm

Drive power 4,25 kW

Power supply three phase 380V/50Hz

The necessary performance of aspiration 1350куб.m./hour, the air speed is 18m/min.

Dimensions: Д2000, Ш1300, В1400мм

Weight 800kg