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In, pin M10, machine S-31МП

Offer type: salePublished: 21.02.2022
Price:300 UAH
Company:torgovyij dom AL'FA-PROM
Seller:Homenko Aleksandr Anatol'evich
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We manufacture and sell universal vibrocore S-31МП with stud of the M10.

The main advantages of our products:

1. For the European light machinery is extremely important to be able the normal operation of the antivibration mount with light machines - in our S-31МП functioning normally with a weight of 5 (!) pounds - in contrast to the Soviet - or its counterpart-where the normal operation is guaranteed only 250 kg per vibrocore (!!);

2. The absence in the materials of our products-rubber - rubber, which is used in vibrocore of the Soviet type, has many disadvantages - it eventually begins to "harden"to trahnut/flow; and worse, it instantly loses its properties from contact with industrial oils. In our S-31МП these shortcomings is not; so it is completely fuel resistant and completely resistant to any coolant. In addition, our will can work at negative temperatures (in unheated halls or outdoors: up to -30 °C), and in particular hot shops (air temperature above +56 °C, the floor temperature up to +120 °C). In Europe from the rubber antivibration mountings refused for a long time, and among post-Soviet producers - only we produce vibrocore without rubber and special materials;

3. In our S-31МП when operating equipment on uneven floors takes the form of the floor - which further improves the performance of the equipment;

4. For our supports in the laboratories was invented two kinds of special reinforced composites, one of which serves as a "cushion" in vibrocore (described above) and the other the body. Our case supports S-31МП strength properties approaching steel but it is absolutely not susceptible to rotting, corrosion, and retains its color throughout its life cycle;

5. The ability to produce vibrocore S-31МП at the request of the customer with the pin of any diameter - M12, M14, M16, M18, M20, M22, M24. For vibrator with pins distinct from the M16, changing the material and internal structure of the product;

6. Anti-vibration mounts S-31МП not maintenance-free and fully retain their characteristics in the process of operation.

The cost of 1 thing:

Stud M10: 300 UAH without VAT (cash, Bank card, cod); 300 UAH by Bank transfer without VAT (pay on STD) or 360 hryvnia on cashless payment with VAT.

For wholesale order (more than 100) individual contract price.
Will sold in the market (and therefore different equipment) since 2000.

Technical specifications:
The smallest working load is not less than 50N (5 kgf);
The greatest working load is not higher than 35000Н (3500 kgf);
Stud - M10;
Cushion diameter - 120 mm;
The seat cushion height - 60 mm;
The total height from 115 mm to 260 mm, depending on the height of the studs;
The height of the studs 60 mm (standard) up to 150 mm (for some pins - 200 mm);
Climatic version - U1, U2, U3, UHL1, UHL-4, UT1.5;

Package content:
In - 1 PCs.
Pin - 1 PC.
Nut - 1 PC.
Washer - 2 PCs.
The anti-vibration mounts fully comply with the technical conditions TU2-024/5997-87.