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Food-grade grease nevastane xs 80 low price

Offer type: salePublished: 03.04.2019
Company:Inter Oil
Seller:Leont'eva Galina
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Address:Leningradskaya Oblast', Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation

Low-temperature grease for the food industry with improved
extreme pressure properties on the basis of a complex calcium sulfonate.


  1. NEVASTANE XS 80 is a universal grease for highly loaded applications on the basis of a complex of calcium sulfonate and a synthetic base oil designed primarily for use at very low temperatures and/or high loads.
  2. NEVASTANE XS 80 is a universal grease with superior extreme pressure properties and is recommended for use in food processing equipment, as well as in related fields working in difficult conditions (high loads, high temperatures, water, dust).
  3. NEVASTANE XS 80 is ideal for use in presses - the pellet mills in feed industry (pet food, sugar beet): KAHL, PROMILL, CPM, UMT, VAN AARSEN...).
  4. When using avoid contact with grease, dust and/or dirt. It is preferable to use a pneumatic pump system or grease to use cartridges