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Sell new small-sized tractors Belarus-320.4 M (MTZ-320.4 M)

Offer type: salePublished: 25.06.2018
Price:9 500 $
Seller:Buslov Slava
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Address:Republic of Belarus, Minsk

Sell new small-sized tractors Belarus-320.4 M (MTZ-320.4 M)

Tractor new, without run. Manufacturer and pasture plant 2016.

● Shipment customs tractor - Parking Minsk.


Non-cash payment.

The universal wheeled tractor is intended for work in agriculture, utilities, construction, transport and industry.
Engine MMZ-3LD three-cylinder capacity of 26.0 (35,3) kW (HP)

Box gearbox: 16/8 gears, range of speed from 1 to 25 km/h

Gidrolabilna versatile, remote-cylinder, maximum pressure of 200 kgf/cm2, lifting capacity at suspension axis, kg 1100

The PTO shaft power: 2-speed 540 and 1000 Rev/min and simultaneous 2-speed 3.4 and 6.3 of about/m


● MTZ-80.1, MTZ-82.1, MTZ-82.1-23/12, MTZ-892, MTZ-892.2, MTZ-920, MTZ-920.2, MTZ-921, MTZ-921.3, MTZ-952, MTZ-952.2, MTZ-92P, MTZ-1021, MTZ-1025.2, MTZ-1221.2, MTZ-1523, MTZ-2022.3, MTZ-320.4, MTZ-320.4 M, MTZ-321, MT-311, etc.

● MU-320 (Belarus 320МК; KM-320БР), MP-320 (Belarus 320П04; PFS-320Б), MCU-320 (Belarus MUP-320; PFS-320БКУ), machine cleaning and handling Belarus MUP-351, PFS-075БКУ, machine utility KM-82 Belarus 82МК etc.

● backhoe bulldozer, backhoe loader, backhoe loader with a shifting the backhoe on the basis of MTZ-82.1, MTZ-92P, etc.: EO-2621, EO-2626М, EO-2626-01, Amkodor-702ЕВ, Amkodor-702ЕА-01, Amkodor-702ЕА, Amkodor-702ЕМ-03, Amkodor-703M, DEM-114.3, EBP-9, EBP-11, EBP-11M, EBP-15, EBP-17, EBP-17M, EST-23, etc.

● new front-end loaders Amkodor: Amkodor-333В AND-332В AND-342В, A-352, A-371, A-527. Loaders are universal: A-320, A-325С AND-332С AND-342С AND-352С.

● under the order mountable front loading, domestic cleaning, excavating equipment.

   For requisitions, specifications, details E-mail:

   tel. +375296647272 (Viber)