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Disk harrow AGD of 1.8 is mounted

Offer type: salePublished: 14.02.2019
Seller:Samchuk FOP Anton
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

Disk harrow AGD of 1.8 is mounted is used for loosening top soil, seeding and fertilization, weed removal, and primary treatment before planting. Disc harrow Agde, Assembly disc, disc plow, buy from the manufacturer Agroremmash.
Disk harrow Agde - 1,8 (universal) has the following characteristics harrow:
Assembly type: hinged
Width constructive, m: 1,8
Fuel consumption, l / ha: 5,6 - 6,0
The depth of tillage, cm: 8 - 20
Transport speed, km / h, not more: 20
Product weight (without SPTA), kg: 625
Length, mm: 2240
Width, mm, not more: 2075
Height, mm, not more than 1200
Guaranteed resource, ha: 950
The unit is designed to work with tractors, equipped with Central and longitudinal rods, three-point linkage (T40 A, T40AM, UMZ-6L).
Also available is the disc harrow Agde mounted, trailed with different width (Agde-1, 8, AGD-2,1, AGD-2,5, AGD-3,5, АГД4,5), for any tractor. Call, check availability and prices! The calculation of cash, clearing. VAT. Delivery to Your farm.