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Sunglasses "Polaroid" № 2 in Kyiv and Ukraine, the price of the video

Offer type: salePublished: 30.09.2017
Price:180 UAH
Seller:Anatolij Anatolij
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine
Glasses drivers polarized "Antivari" designed specifically for driving in the conditions
poor visibility: fog , rain , twilight , snow , rain, etc
Glasses "Antifire" contribute to the protection of the eyes from overwork, protect from light glare xenon headlights , reduce scattering, increase contrast and improve cvetorazličenie.
Glasses are excellent drivers with good vision and those who wear contact lenses.
Improve the comfort and sharpness of the image is huge : put on the glasses, and all doubts will disappear .
Wearing spectacles is not limited .

All models of polaroid glasses are suitable for both men and women

Example of perception in these glasses with the polarized look here

Price is only 180 UAH

Polarized glasses have a special coating "Soft touch" (eng. Soft-touch) or "Soft-Phil" (eng. soft-feel) is a special elastic rubber-like matte paint.
Literally means "soft to touch". Also called "soft plastic" and "rubber plastic"

Polarized lenses have a unique feature-they are able to block
reflected light .
Polarized lenses protect the eyes from the glare produced by the reflection of light from flat surfaces ( water , ice , snow , wet pavement ,etc.)
and also under certain States of the atmosphere.If reflections are absent , then these lenses function as normal sunglasses.
But when the horizontal surfaces are starting to reflect sunlight , then in the case enters a polarizing filter that acts as blinds , missing light rays.

Sunglasses "Polaroid" will be a valuable gift for lovers of active recreation: they found wide use among drivers , fishermen , hunters, cyclists, skiers and snowboarders .

Sizes glasses polarized look at the photo

Package content: sunglasses polarized

The whole product is in stock and available to order in any quantity

Possible retrofitting hard case with carabiner zip (45 UAH)

All questions on the acquisition points "Polaroid" No. 2 will be happy to answer by phone in Kiev 068-168-47-43 , 063-709-26-23 , 050-623-55-00 or through the form on the website

The whole product is in stock and available to order in any quantity

Shipping and payment.
We deliver to Bac a convenient way:
- New Mail throughout Ukraine-40-45 UAH
- UkrPoshta all over Ukraine-12-18 UAH
- In-Time for the entire territory of Ukraine-38-44 UAH
- At the meeting-0 UAH metro Darnitsa-Children's world-the Leningrad area
- Courier to any metro station at a convenient time for you-15 UAH
Payment can be made convenient way for You:
- Cash on delivery - upon receipt of the goods directly at the post office after screening.
- Bank transfer - money the buyer transfers to a Bank card that reduces the price for the shipment.
When meeting

From our side we guarantee that the item is 100% working, will answer any question.
To buy glasses polarization from us safely . We time-tested sellers . All goods before sending is checked repeatedly .
There are 3 options of glasses with polarized contact will send photo or see our other listings

work without breaks and weekends - call any time convenient for you

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