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Seeder Sz-5,4, b.the overhaul

Offer type: salePublished: 19.01.2021
Seller:Samchuk FOP Anton
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Address:Poltava, Ukraine, Poltavs'ka Oblast'
Sell seeder Sz-5,4 b.the overhaul for the industrial treatment of agricultural land. Using the seeder Sz-5,4 seeded crops such as oats, wheat, rye, barley, and legumes - soy, beans, peas, beans and Lupin. Advantages of the seeder Sz-5,4 are: the possibility of high-quality work at high values of soil moisture (up to 30 % for depth, planting 10 cm); multi-functionality when dealing with different cultures. Seeder Sz-5,4 in excellent condition after overhaul we Carry out delivery in all regions of Ukraine. The auction is possible.