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LDPE Resin/Granule/Pallets

Offer type: sellPublished: 26.09.2017
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Address:United_Kingdom, Belfast

LDPE Resin/Granule/Pallets

We can supply you LDPE Resin/Granule/Pallets, 100% virgin or recycled free of any contamination.

Melt Flow Index g/10min =0.4

Density g/cm3 0.92-0.945

tensile strength Mpa =13.0

Elongation at break % =500

Brittle temperature at low temperature °C =-76

ESCR ,FO H =96

Oxidation induction period at 200°C Min

Content of Carbon black % -- --

Carbon Black dispersion -- =6

Absorption coeffcient -- =400

Ceka softening point °C --

Dielectric strength Mv/m =25

Volume resistivity O.m =1*1014

Dielectric Constant -- --

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