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Buy veneered MDF with low price

Offer type: salePublished: 29.09.2016
Company:Kompaniya "Postformplast"
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast', Kharkiv

Veneered MDF panels is a kind of modern finishes along with lamination and coating. The veneering is the process of veneering, which allows to significantly extend the life of the MDF panels.

High quality veneered MDF panels have a great resemblance to natural wood, thus are much longer. Veneered fronts, attractive and durable. To date, the furniture veneer facades of excellent quality can be ordered over the Internet.

Company Postformplast offers a diverse catalog of veneered facades are of decent quality (see more Organization Postformplast" will delight low rate each customer.

The description of technology of veneering

The concept of a veneer comes from the German "sliver." The material can have a thickness of 0.2-5 mm All kinds of veneer are classified into:

  • Poluradialny;
  • Tangential;
  • Radial;
  • Tangential-angular.

Each type of veneer has a different surface texture. For high-quality, veneer must be spent preparing MDF panels. Every visible fault need to be masked with a special solution.

The next step will be gluing hardwood veneer to the front side of the plate. In some cases, topical application of veneer of different wood species. This technology is called intarsia.

The following options are available veneering MDF:

  • Cold method involves bonding the veneer to special compounds;
  • Hot technology is a pressing veneer to the MDF panel with high temperature;
  • The most sophisticated technology method - membrane, when the veneer and the MDF are connected under vacuum.

The use of veneer MDF

The material is widely used when decorating the premises, for the manufacture of modern furniture. Thanks to the attractive appearance of wood veneered fronts are very popular among the famous designers who use the material when creating a cozy interior.