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Protective cover Shield for the preservation of pool

Offer type: продамPublished: 29.05.2020
Price:47 $
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Address:Kyiv, Ukraine

Very soon will begin the season of preparation to swimming pools winter. Temperature every day declining, and the water in the pool more cool. Pool owners often begin to wonder about the conservation of the pool for the winter. There a very simple solution to this issue. Protective cover Shield manifests itself as the best covering, designed for winter conservation pool.

Cover of trampoline-type Shield is a solid security pool, which is made with eco-friendly the polypropylene material. The company has individual approach to every covering, given the shape and configuration of the pool. Our covers will suit any pool. We have no doubt in the us as our products, so give a guarantee of 10 years. Installation of the covering can be made in any surface around the basin area not to spoil its aesthetics.

Protective covering Shield is easy to use. Its installation takes only 15-20 minutes without a lot physical efforts. For that amount of time you will protect the pool and protect your family from accidents associated with falling in the pool.

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