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Plywood water-resistant Birch format 1830х1525мм Production Russia

Offer type: salePublished: 14.09.2016
Company:AS TOR
Seller:Fesenko Aleksandr
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Plywood is moisture-resistant material Birch leaf format 1830 x 1525 mm. made in Russia Arkhangelsk plant. Thickness in the range from 4 to 21 mm! Plywood WBP brand has a high moisture resistance, so it can be widely used for external works . Plywood is well sawn, drilled and fastened like nails and screws. All this allows to use it in various spheres of construction and production.grade C is the cheapest of the varieties of plywood, which is used in building constructions when the front side of the plywood plays a secondary role. In grade With knots permitted partially accrete and not accrete, holes of dropped-out knots by size not more than 40 mm, open cracks with a width of 10 mm, defects in the edges of a width not over 5 mm a Grade 4/4 equivalent grade/C.