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Plastic pipe and fittings: couplings, connectors, tees, angles, brackets., pipe

Offer type: salePublished: 26.12.2019
Company:Firma Inteh ChP
Seller:Vivchar Vikor Ivanovich
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Address:Dnipropetrovska Oblast', Pavlohrad, Ukraine

Clutch connecting Ф16хФ16, Ф20х16, Ф20х20 etc.

Connector for pipes with internal thread Ф16х1/2”, Ф16х3/4”, Ф20х1/2”, Ф20х3/4”, etc.

Connector for pipes with external thread Ф16х1/2”H, Ф16х3/4”H, Ф20х1/2”H, Ф20х3/4”H, etc.

Tee still passing Ф16х16х16, Ф20х20х20, Ф26х26х26 and etc., is not a passing Ф16х20х16,

Ф20х16х20 etc.

Tee with one threaded connection or internal outer Ф16х1/2Вх16, Ф16х3/4Вх16,

Ф20х3/4Вх20, Ф16х1/2Нх16, Ф16х3/4Нх16,Ф20х3/4Нх20 etc.

Corners Ф16х16, Ф20х20, Ф26х26, the corners with one screw the connection is internal or external Ф16х1/2B, Ф20х3/4B, Ф26х1В, Ф16х1/2H, Ф20х3/4N, Ф26х1Н etc.

Brackets tubes F16, F20, F26, Ф32

Pipe metal plastic hot 95ۨ With cold water, F16, F20, F26, Ф32