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Shunting device type: MU, LGM, STGD, UM-15, MU-12;

Offer type: salePublished: 18.01.2017
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Address:Odessa oblast', Odesa, Ukraine
Shunting device type: MU, LGM, STGD, UM-15, MU-12; Winch type: LM-71, LM-140, TL-8B, LEM-10; Shunting device type MU-12; MU-7; МУ5 for the movement of rail cars and trains in both directions on a dead-end and flow paths of the loading points with high intensity loading and unloading operations. Selection of optimal solution for organizing the process of loading and unloading. Solve the problem comprehensively, from the supply of equipment to legitimize the project. Installation of winches, winch diagrams, instead of the locomotive, motor tractor, locomobile ( MMT-2). Order a (free) sketch reference for your object. Our equipment will save money in the loading and unloading of railcars.