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Enrober ZETA 400/600/800 for glazing

Offer type: salePublished: 21.09.2017
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Address:Russian Federation
The machine is designed to automate the process
glazing pastry chocolate
icing on the food industry.
Enrobing machine allows you to apply a glaze
various coating thickness.
Glazing machine is equipped with a bowl for the glaze with a capacity of 60 kg with a stirrer for
mixing glaze (heated water bowl shirt with ELEKTRA heating elements, diffuser
glaze with adjustment of the thickness of the layer of glaze. Technology coating ensures
a uniform layer of glaze, glossy look and longer shelf life.
The application of a uniform layer of glaze made with stainless steel blade. pump and
the airflow that creates optimum airflow.
For removing excess glaze from the bottom and smoothing meets the tail roller. (to remove the excess
the glaze on the bottom and simultaneously smoothing the bottom of the products).
When enrobing, the product is covered completely with icing (top and bottom) or partially (only the top
or only the bottom).
When decorating on the upper part of the garment is patterned, and the bottom glazes completely, or only
the design is imprinted on top of the product.
The task of the temperature monitoring and maintenance is ensured by an electronic regulator
temperature via software.
For smooth volume changes of the glaze that is applied to glazing, to regulate
speed mesh conveyor uses a variable frequency drive.
Enrobing line can be equipped with; a tank for melting chocolate and
Enrober conveyor is removable, which provides 100% access to the tub for a quick change
glaze. Conveyor equipped with a belt-mesh stainless. steel, of a width of 425 cm, scrambler
ribbon mesh.
The line capacity when loading
melted frosting can
to attain 250 kg of finished product per hour.
All components of the machine (heating the bowl
the dissolution, mixing glaze, glaze from
diffuser, air cooling products, conveyer belts
mesh) are easily managed from the control panel.
All the machine parts are made of stainless
steel AISI 304 and food grade plastic.