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Thistle oil first cold pressed TM "ECO-OLIO"(Thistle)

Offer type: salePublished: 28.09.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Poltavs'ka Oblast', Poltava
Description (volume bottle 500 ml) Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum) is a tall plant with large purple-lilac flowers and mottled, covered with white spots leaves Milk Thistle is from other types of Thistle has a distinctive whitish "marble" pattern on the leaves. According to ancient legend these light spots – nothing like the drop of milk fallen from the breast of the virgin Mary while feeding the baby Jesus Christ (this is why milk Thistle is often called "Thistle Saint Mary or the virgin Mary's gift"). It should be noted that in Russia, milk Thistle has long been traditionally called "pestro" (such a vivid and memorable name milk Thistle received, apparently, due to the chequered pattern on leaves and stiff thorns, tightly framing the basal leaves and inflorescence of this plant). But the above names not exhaust the list of the names that milk Thistle was popularly during the long centuries of their existence (other names milk Thistle – "lyagushatnik", "Marin St", "variegated Thistle," "Holy Thistle" and "milk Thistle"). __________________________________________________________________________________ For Your Health (Properties) -The characteristic feature and main advantage of Holy Thistle oil is the presence in its composition of powerful hepatoprotector silymarin is a unique complex of powerful natural antioxidants-flavolignans (silybin, silidianin, silicristin, neoperabelna, etc.). Contained in the oil of milk Thistle silymarin is superior in its antioxidant activity of vitamins E and C and has diverse beneficial effects on the functional state of the liver: strengthens and protects cell membranes of liver cells-hepatocytes, promotes regeneration of hepatocytes subjected to the corrosive effects of alcohol and toxic substances, eliminates inflammatory processes in the liver, increases bile production, improves the detoxification function of the liver. Is contained in the oil from the seeds of milk Thistle omega-6 and omega-9 acid will correct the disorders of lipid metabolism and hormonal balance play an important role in the cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive and reproductive systems, enhance immunity and cleanse the body from various harmful substances and greatly improve skin condition. -Greenish tint of Holy Thistle oil is due to the content in this vegetable product special antibacterial substance ― chlorophyll. Enhancing anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating properties of other biochemical components of milk Thistle oil (flavonoidov, flavonolignans, vitamins E and A, zinc, magnesium and manganese), chlorophyll greatly accelerates the process of wound healing and epithelialization, has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine and respiratory systems, and also prevents the formation of stones in the urinary system __________________________________________________________________________________ The composition of Holy Thistle oil Thistle oil is a rich source of the most useful for the human body carotenoids (precursors of vitamin A), vitamins E, D, K and B group, macro - and microelements (potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, iron, zinc, selenium, copper, chromium, aluminum, vanadium, boron, etc.) and biologically active substances (flavolignany (silybin, silibinin, silidianin silikristin, neogenomics), flavonoids (quartzetine, etc), chlorophyll, biogenic amines, etc.) __________________________________________________________________________________ The application and pictures can be found on our website and the consultants on the phone +380988581229 Andrew +Artem 380662445805 +380632681610 Sergey ___________________________________________________________________________ The company delivers PoltEco natural oils throughout Ukraine wholesale and retail. Cash on pickup or Bank transfer delivery across Ukraine.