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Laser thermometer pyrometer TASI-8604 -50 +350 ( 12:1 )

Offer type: salePublished: 27.09.2015
Price:468 UAH
Seller:Stibletsov Stanislav Gennadievich
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The pyrometer TASI-8604 - portable infrared thermometer gun with laser pointer for non-contact measurement t temperature range -50 to 350 °C.

Thermometers use the principle of the detector the infrared radiation. The intensity and spectrum of radiation depends on the temperature of the body. Measuring radiation characteristics of the body, pyrometer indirectly senses the temperature of its surface. Belong to the group NDA instruments that allows for the measurement temperature without direct contact with the surface to be measured, unlike conventional thermometers. This ensures safety when the study and control of various thermal processes. Sphere use a pyrometer (non-contact thermometer, radiation thermometer, infrared thermometer) is practically unlimited.


The electric power industry. Diagnosis contact connections, evaluation of thermal condition of power lines, transformers, insulators, radiators. Heat power engineering and urban economy. Temperature control of heating mains, location of places their passing and insulation, search of leaks hot water. Quality insulation of buildings, their examination. Food industry: determination of the temperature of storage, transportation and sale of food. Prevention and diagnosis cold rooms, stoves, cookers and dishwashers. Various industries. Temperature control parts when welding, forging, pressing the metal, the manufacture of glass, ceramics. Maintenance of vehicles. Diagnosis of the cooling system, including the thermostat and temperature sensors; radiators, brakes and tires. System heating, ventilation and air conditioning: heating systems, thermal balance of the room. Maintenance of power grids and shields: detection of overheating of the cables and connections of wires, definition faulty transformers.

Laser thermometer pyrometer TASI-8604 -50 +350

1. Measuring range: -50 + 350 C (-58 ~ 662 ° F)
2. Response speed: 0.5 s
3. Measurement accuracy: +- 1.5%
4. Measuring step: 0.1 s

5. Optical resolution of 12:1
6. Specified coefficient izluchatelei capacity: 0.95
7. Response time: 0.5 s

Advantages thermometers prior to the contact temperature sensors:

1. The measurement of high temperatures

2. Temperature measurements in hard to reach places

3. Measurement possible without stopping production or technical process

4. The lack of energy loss of the object

5. The absence of mechanical action on the object, etc.

Package contents:

1. The pyrometer TASI-8604

2. Blister

3. Instruction in Russian and English.

4. Batteries included not going