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Welding machine ( inverter ) Paton]-160E. New. Wholesale price !

Offer type: salePublished: 23.09.2015
Price:3 333 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

Welding rectifier inverter Paton]-160E DC MMA

WARRANTY - 5 years !!!

Inverter rectifier PATON]-160E DC MMA is designed for manual arc welding (SMAW). Developed design and technological Department of OSSO given the current trends in the economy. This unit is created with the application of two key principles: SUSTAINABILITY and PROFITABILITY.

Sustainability – conservation of resources through reduced material use in production and low electricity consumption during the welding process.

Saving - competitive price in comparison with similar devices and cost savings of the consumer due to the reduced energy consumption.

The key advantage PATON]-160E DC MMA is a combination of small weight and dimension parameters (4.2 kg) and relatively high welding characteristics (Non-160A, PN-40%).

It is worth noting that stated in the technical instructions welding parameters correspond to the real operating parameters of the apparatus, which is determined by the use of high quality electronic components and careful control at every stage of production.


the solution household tasks (welding: metal pipes /water, gas/, chimneys and gutters of stainless steel, metal hinges, corrugated sheets)
the improvement of suburban areas and residential buildings (greenhouses, sheds, gazebos, fences)
private construction and the use of professional construction teams at small construction (homes, garages, stalls, stalls)

Properties and advantages:

implementation of welding with the use of a wide range of covered electrodes - ANO, sssis, CL, RLA, etc.
economical consumption of energy in welding - 4,4 KVA
unit protection against low and high voltage - extends the lifetime of the device
work with weak power grids - the minimum drawdown mains
easy to use - plug-and vari
electronics protected from dust and moisture.

Package contents]-160E DC MMA:

The power source of the welding arc with a network cable 2m - 1pcs.
Strap for carrying on your shoulder - 1pc.
Branded box "Paton" - 1pc.
The welding cable with electrode holder 3M - 1pc.
The welding cable to the terminal "earth" 3M - 1pc.
Instruction manual - 1 PC.


Nominal mains voltage: 220 V
Input voltage: 220 V
Nominal current consumption from the network: 20 And
Rated welding current: 160A
Maximum operating current: 190 A
Duration of activity: 40% at 160 A, 100% at 101 And
Limits of variation of mains voltage: 170 - 260 V
The limits of regulation of welding current: 20 - 160A
Function Hot Start "Hot-Start": automatic
Function Antipeople "Anti-Stick": Yes
Open circuit voltage: 80 V
Voltage arc ignition: 110V
Nominal power consumption: 4,4 kVA
Maximum power consumption: 5,5 kVA
Efficiency: 90%
Cooling: forced
Dimensions: 245x100x200 mm
Weight: 4.2 kg
Electrodes: 1,6 - 4 mm