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Cuttings for shovels brooms dowels dowel handle the handle of a sledge hammer

Offer type: salePublished: 04.09.2015
Price:10 RUR
Company:OOO ChkS
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Address:Russian Federation, Chelyabinsk, Chelyabinsk
Shovel der. Snow 38h38 Shovel der. Snow h Shovel der.Snow 50x50 The sieve is small/large The stretcher handle construction-wood/trough-galvanized Flat Fokine in/with L1300 Stalk/c h The shaft 1/h The shaft 2/with h The shaft b/C h The shaft b/C h Stalk h Brushed cuttings( Brushed cuttings(40) 1/p The handle of the cleaver 800 The handle of the cleaver 700 The axe 640 The axe 540 The axe 500 The axe 400 The axe 370 The handle of a sledge hammer 1000 Arm hammer 800 Arm hammer 700 Arm hammer 500 Handle for hammer 250 Handle for hammer 300 Handle for hammer 400 The mounting bar 25*50*3 The mounting bar 50*50*3 The dowel 20—32mm, L-340 Area Hm. Shelf 5mm. St 3sp Fire retardant paint for metal Fire retardant paint for wood /concrete It is possible to manufacture cuttings and all the products meet Your specifications. The price depends on the volume in RETAIL and WHOLESALE