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Casodex, Herceptin

Offer type: salePublished: 28.09.2014
Seller:Kushnir Anella
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Kyiv
Produced sales Casodex, Herceptin, Temodal. Cheaply from abroad.
Always in stock or on order Casodex, Herceptin, Temodal. Cheaply from abroad-direct delivery.
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Avastin conc.d/INF. 100mg/4ml,400mg/ml No. 1
Cosmegen 4 mg vial, No. 1
Granocyte 1ml No. 5
Carboplatin 150mg/15ml vial.
Oxaliplatin 50mg No. 1
Paclitaxel mg/ml in 50ml (300mg) No. 1 bottle
Campto FL. 100mg 5ml No. 1
MITOXANTRONE-BAXTER 2 mg/ml vials. 10 ml №1
TAXOL R-RA 100 mg vials. of 16.7 ml №1
Eloxatin .5mg/ml 50mg, FL. No. 1
Xarelto 20 mg no 28,
Leykeran table. p/o 2 mg No. 25,
Aromasin table. 25 mg number 30,
Fraxiparine amp. 0.3 ml №10,
TIENAM 500 mg + 500 mg vial, No. 1
Meme table. 10 mg No. 60,
CellCept 250 mg,100 pieces,
For Kolya vial 500mg 100 mg No. 1,
Certican table 0.75 mg 0.25 mg blister 60pcs,
Amirudin then. 90 mgfl. No. 1,
Octagam (Octapharma,Sweden) 5% . 10% 50 ml
Gliatilin mg amp. 4ml No. 3
Navelbine vinorelbine capsules 50 mg, 1 piece
TAXOTERE 20 mg vial. 1 ml №1
BONDRONAT 6 mg vial. 6 ml, No. 1
Bondronat table. p/o 50 mg no 28 Pharmacist :ANELLA: +380635817308 details on the website