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The hydraulic press for the production of Lego bricks

Offer type: salePublished: 26.09.2014
Seller:Bulejko Denis
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Address:Ukraine, Kirovohrads'ka Oblast', Oleksandriya
The Lego brick is a high - quality construction and finishing product formed by the method of compression without firing. The main raw material (up to 90%) are crushed stone screenings, and various screenings soft rocks, sand, etc. with a small amount (10%), cement and water.
Using the Lego brick you can own, with two round structural alignment holes, without the aid of builders to build the fence, gazebo, shower, toilet, barn, and even the house. Get perfectly smooth surface that does not require additional alignment. The brick can be placed on tile adhesive, not cement.
For the manufacture of one cube of bricks required 1350 - 1400 kg screenings and 100-150 kg of cement. Performance on average 1000 bricks per shift.
The traditional LEGO brick has a number of advantages:
Smooth surface and standard sizes single face brick 250x125x65 mm
Two through holes with the guide - through guides enables rapid and accurate clutches and openings can be used for the construction of communications
Increased strength - 150-300 kg per 1 square cm surface
Increased frost - 150-200 cycles freeze/thaw resistance, resistance to temperature fluctuations
Increased durability - LEGO-bricks is very difficult to damage, it leaves no chips and scratches
Very low water absorption - less than 5%, this means that the lego brick is not polluted, and any dirt is easily washed off with his water
Increased earthquake resistance - strength masonry 1.7 times greater than that of silicate or ceramic bricks
High efficiency clutch - one 25 kg bag of glue for facade work enough on masonry 500 bricks!