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Hydraulic press for the production of paving molded blocks

Offer type: salePublished: 26.09.2014
Seller:Bulejko Denis
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Address:Ukraine, Kirovohrads'ka Oblast', Oleksandriya
The purpose of a hydraulic press (GWP) is a manufacturer of paving or facade tiles, decorative borders and similar products. The core technology is the technique of semi-dry vibro compaction. The complete set of special matrices, designed to produce specific products.
Has a flexible design (industrial production of construction materials manufacturer in terms of individual business individual developers).
Our hydraulic press for tiles with 2 hydraulic cylinders symmetrically facing each other. This allows you to achieve uniform compaction of mortar or sand-cement mixture.
Control given the size of the manufactured products is carried out by the control unit of hydraulic press, regardless of the structure of the source material.
A feature of this hydraulic press include simplicity of its installation and commissioning, as this amount of work already done by us in terms of production space.
The equipment changeover is possible in a short period of time, without stopping due to low weight matrices (snap) and the ease of its installation.
Technical characteristics:Appearance of manufactured products:Paving slabs, paving, road and sidewalk curbs, blocks, otsemobor, ...
Production capacity:570 - 2000 units per hour (from the form of manufactured products)
The average power of pressing:30000 kN
Max. sizes manufactured products:HH mm
The cycle time is pressing:9,5 - 12,5 sec
Hydraulic pressure:
- hydraulic device
- in the control unit
72 MPa
32 MPa
air tank
- tank for oil
65 l
55 l
The average operating temperature of the hydraulic oil in the system:+20 ... +40