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INN CRYSTAL - meter low-temperature indicators petroleum products

Offer type: salePublished: 26.09.2014
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Address:Russian Federation
INN CRYSTAL - meter low-temperature indicators petroleum products
Has different modifications:
SX-800 Determination of cloud point, pour point and the limiting filterability of diesel fuel (including diesel fuel with additives) | determination of the freezing temperature of engine oils (machine).
SX-850 Determination of dynamic viscosity oils in the temperature range from-50C to +50C (digital rotational viscometer).
SX-900K Determining the temperature of crystallization of aviation kerosene to-65S.
SX-900A Determining the temperature of crystallization of antifreeze.
INPN is designed for quality control of fuels and motor oils. Each model is unique in itself, and all applicable test methods and devices have been patented. Common to all modifications of the device cryostat is cooled to a temperature of minus 60C (diesel and motor oil) and to minus 70C in the analysis of jet fuels. The device has an LCD display which displays the progress of the test in real-time. The housing is ergonomic and is not afraid of getting any oil or solvent.
Advantages INPN "CRYSTAL"
- INPN is designed for rapid analysis of diesel fuels and oils, and aviation kerosene in laboratory and industrial conditions. The power INPN" is from the network 220 C.
- Low-temperature properties of aviation kerosene determined by laboratory test known as "the determination of the temperature of crystallization. During the analysis of a fuel sample is cooled to until the paraffin crystals will be formed and will not be registered by the optical monitoring. The accuracy of this indicator plays an important role in ensuring the safety of flights.
The pour point of engine oils is registered using a special sensor, which captures the moment of transition of the sample from the solid state into the liquid phase, for which the sample is pre-cooled to full hardness, then automatically turns on the sensor.
- Similar to the analysis of aviation fuel, the principle of measuring the cloud point of diesel fuel based on the scanning of the sample infrared light in the middle wavelength range.
Dynamic viscosity is measured by a rotary viscometer.
- Current information on all variants of the device is displayed on the LCD.
- Processing of measurement results is embedded microprocessors.
- External cryostat is not required, built-in cryostat manufactured by Peltier elements. Toxic refrigerants are not used, consumables no. Cooling radiator Peltier water.
The main goal of any laboratory is to provide the highest level of reliability of measurement results. To improve the accuracy of temperature measurements, the user is able to enter the adjustment values in non-volatile memory.
- Units of series INPN fully comply with the quality standard ISO 9001.
All modifications of the device INPN "Crystal" are equipped with a circulating pump for cooling integrated cryostat.
The main advantages INPN "CRYSTAL"
• The measurement process is fully automated
• The device has a high speed and measurement accuracy
• The device is compact
Delivery to all regions of Russia and outside Russia.