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Offer type: salePublished: 28.12.2016
Seller:Koval'chuk Aleksandr
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I want to bring to Your attention Gorchakov GRK-50.
LLC "Technomaster offers a small amount of excellent equipment for chopping walnuts at home - Horihata GRK-50.
The uniqueness of this machine is that it does not have a stationary engine. The actuator is made from any of a drill or screwdriver, also designed for the installation of the motor-reducer.
Has a small size, making it easier to transport and off-season storage; large hopper - up to 2 kg
Main characteristics.
The split nut shells occurs when sitescan nut between the rotating shaft and the inner plate gargollo. Connector in which a tuning peg nut to fit any size nut. Thanks to this equipment can be used not only for processing walnut, and forest. The output of the "butterflies" up to 90%. Capacity up to 50 kg per hour. To calibrate the nuts is not necessary. Mounted Gorchakov directly on the tank for collecting the processed nut, which may be a conventional bucket. The actuator, as mentioned earlier, from drills.
Quite a large percentage of out entire halves of the kernel of the nut. On the Ukrainian market the units of the proposed Gorchakov able to give a similar result.
Nuts served on the shaft in small portions, allowing the car properly handle the nuts - no, not split nuts, and at the same time, there is completely fragmented units.
Small size allows you to use Gorchakov GRK-50 in any convenient place, and even in the kitchen.
Gorchakov GRK-50 has a closed hopper that prevents scattering of nuts and its parts all over the room.
The absence of stationary motor reduces this model Gorchakova.
2 year warranty, post-warranty service.
Parameters: Length-260 mm, Height 320 mm, width 340 mm
Weight: 6 kg
Price 1300 UAH.