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Extrusion line for PE pipes for water supply and gas supply

Offer type: salePublished: 23.09.2014
Seller:Sun' Katya
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Extrusion line for pressure pipes, casing pipes, insulation of the casing pipe, for water supply, Gazoprovod, sewage, etc. of PE HDPE F-63, 63-160, 63-225, 110-315, 160-400, 225-500, 315-630, 400-800, 710-1200, 1000-1600
Hopper dryer, 1 comp.
Screw conical extruder, 1 comp.
Head, 1 set. or 2 sets.
Vacuumtechnology bath, 1 or 2 comp.
Bath cooling, 1 or 2 comp
Pulling device Guseinova type 1 comp.
The cutting device 1 comp.
Stacker, 1 comp.
Choices: Single line LSG65, LSG75, LSG90, LSG120, LSG150
●Electrical elements: SIEMENS (Germany), ABB (Sweden), RKC (Japan), OMRON (Japan), SSHNEIDER (France)
●Certificates of compliance: ISO9001-2008, CE, GOST, SGS