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Offer type: salePublished: 22.09.2014
Seller:Gladkij Dmitrij Sergeevich
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Address:Republic of Belarus
Power consumption 400 watts maximum turning Length 1000 mm turning Diameter over bed 350 mm rpm Range 850-2510 min-1 Number of speeds 4
Voltage 230 V
Power consumption 400 W
Turning length 1000 mm
The turning diameter over bed 350 mm
The rpm range 850-2510 min-1
Number of speeds 4
Weight 35 kg
Size (l x W x h) mm 1450x205x370
Made in the Czech Republic the machine is designed for woodworking. This is done by cutting wood. For him developed gauging device.
Wood production
It allows to achieve the production of small series with identical shaped surfaces. Work is underway with several blanks. The company PROMA offers the right professional equipment.
The device has a single-phase AC motor. Momentum in the required quantities are provided four belt pulley during operation ensure the smooth flow of change of momentum. Unlike destination details profilehere the device is purchased furniture and other wood industries. The overall design is necessary rigidity for a given kind of lathe operations.
Basic equipment:
drive centre, revolving centre, faceplate, the emphasis for hand tools
Special equipment:
gauging device SKZ-92 Zack. No. 25406143
How does the machine
On four pulleys are V-belt, which provides the change of rotation speed. Describe the basic equipment:
The focus of the work assignment;
Powered center;
The center of the rotating target.
In combination lathe equipment can be successfully compared. Not to say that lathes for metal less convenient to handle. Woodworking machine PROMA DSO-1000 can be described as well-designed CNC lathe destination. It is made from cast iron. Vibration is significantly weakened by heavy cast base.