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Installation for processing waste Fortan

Offer type: salePublished: 22.09.2014
Seller:Polyakova Anastasiya
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Address:Russian Federation, Krasnodarskiy Kray, Krasnodar
Pyrolysis plants designed for processing waste rubber, medical, plastic waste, waste oil, soft roofing materials, etc Main products are the liquid product of pyrolysis (pyrolysis oil), carbon residue, metal (in the case of recycling of used tyres) and gases.
Pyrolysis oil and carbon residue, are commercial products. Can be implemented as an excellent dark-fuel stove. Carbon residue - has the effect pigment and is implemented as asphalt additives or as an additive in the manufacture of rubber products.
Pyrolysis oil is the most profitable product. Can be implemented directly as a fuel or subjected to further distillation to obtain such fractions as high-octane gasoline and vysokotsenovyh diesel.
Equipment that produces LLC "TT GROUP" is made from the highest quality materials and has a very long life. We also provide warranty assistance in arranging transportation and consulting support in all matters concerning permits