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Greenhouse, DELPHI

Offer type: salePublished: 19.09.2014
Seller:Famil Aleksandr
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Address:Russian Federation
Greenhouse Dilpy. Pros greenhouse Dilpy is that the greenhouse is not necessary to disassemble the fall and, as a result, mounting spring, it keeps excellent snow loads. Based on this in April, you can start planting. The frame of the greenhouse is made of a shaped tube 20x20*1, 5, which gives it a high rigidity. Crate processed polymer coating. Sheathed frame 4-milimetrovym transparent cellular polycarbonate. Comes greenhouse is already in the collection. The scheme resembles the bread and gives the opportunity, without any effort to reach anywhere in the greenhouse. A greenhouse can be moved in any part of the country, as the weight of metal is small and equal to 26 kg of Foundation is not required. Setting the greenhouse Dilpy, you get rid of the annual removal of old film and the new tension. Polycarbonate will work for many years.
Length - 2 m
Width - 1.2 m
Height 0.8 m
Price: 9000 rubles
Rates valid from 15 January 2014.
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