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GA 010 Green Helper automatic drip irrigation for home flowers and plants

Offer type: salePublished: 18.09.2014
Seller:- Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
How to organize and provide regular root watering, irrigation, bedroom and home flowers, plants, ornamental tree and shrub house, apartment, cottage, garden house at Your long absence? Many go on for a long time on vacation, a business trip to the country. Asked to water the house plants and plant neighbors, and acquaintances. A unique solution to the problem of automatic root watering and irrigation of home vegetation during a long absence of the hosts offers online shop Home and Garden. Enough to buy from us at an affordable price set super system GA - 010 Green Helper controller for home automatic drip watering the flowers, plants, shrubs, tree. Excellent customer reviews proved high reliability watering kit super device GA - 010. Electronic watering device with a timer capable of in the absence of hosts to provide entirely independent automatic continuous drip watering plant roots, seedlings, flowers in the home. Leaving for a long time from home, apartments, villas You don't have to worry about favorite home garden. Electronic drip watering super system controller Green Helper GA - 010 automatic irrigation root zone home flowers, plants. Will provide gentle regular privlekatelnyh and fruit trees, shrubs.
Why online shop Home and Garden offers to buy it we have the best super device kit drip basal automatic irrigation and watering of indoor house plants system GA - 010 Green Helper to the controller?
Affordable price of set of drip devices for each owner home garden, flower and vegetable potted crops.
Many similar devices, kits for automatic irrigation and watering of the roots of vegetation drip method and method require connection to the water supply or electricity. Any wise man will refuse to buy this auto drip watering plants at home.
Unique electronic super system with a timer set for basal drip irrigation at home flowers and plants GA - 010 Green Helper requires no water connection and electricity network 220 C. Automatic device self-irrigation drops bedroom, office of vegetation watering apparatus GA - 010 green Helper works from 4 normal mizinchikov batteries.
After installing the batteries in the drip device simply attach the pump electronic watering device in any suitable container for water. As capacity is perfect bucket, jug, jar, bowl, plastic 1, 2, 3 and 5 litre bottle, pot and other devices. Install the supplied factory diagram of electronic apparatus for root drip irrigation controller GA - 010 on the surface of the water-filled tank. Distribute coming from the watering device drip tube on each flower, ornamental, fruit, exotic or wusasa tree, shrub.
Program the timer for automatic watering and irrigation of plants on the duration and frequency of irrigation.
Detailed instructions for use, application, photo and schematic of the setup, configuration and operation of the electronic system of drip irrigation GA - 010 Green Helper for indoor plants included in the original configuration.
Electronic system self watering the vegetation in the home appliance GA - 010 green Helper with timer has an LCD display. LCD overview display shows settings with visual and audible alarm. Automatic irrigation system home garden drops includes 10 meters mini hose and mounting system.
One electronic miracle device drip irrigation and watering flowers, plants, mini trees and shrubs set GA - 010 Green Helper can simultaneously be watered immediately 10 plants without human intervention!
You are at home and forget to water the plants? Automatic watering device drops in home appliance GA - 010 green Helper in time pour homemade flower, fruit and ornamental garden, planted seeds and seeds for sprouts, sprouts, sprouts.
Be sure to buy at factory outlet price in our online store-Home & Garden miracle installing a drip irrigation kit with controller GA - 010 Green Helper to irrigate the roots of home plants and flowers.
Stop worrying about your favorite houseplants during Your long absence in the home, apartment, Villa. Forget about time-consuming daily watering their hands home garden and flower garden at any time of the year. Best electronic basal drip irrigation and irrigation bedroom home flora installation GA - 010 green Helper timer will provide independent daily proper watering of plants 365 days a year.
Factory installed option device includes:
Automatic electronic irrigation system
Mini hose length 10 meters.
Racks and pins for fastening mini hose 10 pieces
Application instructions.
We offer you to look interesting video on the home watering plants GA - 010 green Helper and photo drip device.
Buying from us e the miracle machine GA - 010 Green Helper for independent home watering the buyer saves the family budget and is fully protected from the many fakes.
The manufacturer of the device firm Green Helper Israel. The company's products are manufactured under strict quality control exclusive Israeli developer.
Online shop Home and Garden works directly with the official Russian representative of the Israeli firm Green Helper. We offer to buy electronic watering equipment GA - 010 green Helper at real factory prices without overpayment buyer numerous wholesale intermediaries. Provide extended warranty on watering device droppers.
Only original device irrigation method irrigation drops of root and root-zone home flowers, plants, seedlings ensure proper pouring, have great customer reviews!
Sell homemade drip installation controller GA - 010 retail, small, medium and large wholesale. Delivery to any destination in the Russian Federation by Mail, shipping company, courier. Wholesalers give discounts.
Minimum order 1 set. Retail price 1 set 2180 rubles. TEL: 89277260320, 89063753197, 89608033739